Queens for Kings

Queens for Kings

Queens for Kings

Book One 

The saying every King needs a Queen is the most accurate adage ever to be spoken, and it was no different for the Amato siblings. However, in their line of work, they each needed a special type of Queen. One that could deal with everything that came along with being with them. 

One faithful night out, they each lay eyes on women that they instinctively knew would be perfect for them. It was almost as if they were receiving a divine sign. Convincing the women of that may prove more complicated than the siblings thought in some cases, with what they did for a living. 

However, they were building an empire, and they had every intention of sharing their thrones with the queens they were determined to have. Follow these five siblings as they go about capturing the hearts of the women they want while trying to take care of business, and keep them safe in this introduction to The Family. 

Disclaimer: This was originally five separate very short stories, that have been combined into one.

Trigger Warnings: Contains strong language and explicit sex. As well as torture.

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